Producer, supplier and processor of thin metal strip products
Materials available:-
                Electro deposited nickel foil
                Stainless steel
                Nickel alloys
                Copper alloys
                Aluminium alloys
                Adhesive coated metal foil tapes
Applications include:-

Electronics, Micro-electronics, Electrical, EMI, Power storage, Polymer fuses, Fuel cell technology, Substrates, Medical, Analytical, Aerospace, Automotive, Gaskets, Dental, Renewable energy, RFID, Security tags, Heat Treatment, Thermal Shielding, Plasma Spray Masking.
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                                        or +44 (0)1905 570 667
FAX                                     +44 (0)705 343 4370
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Foil Technologies Ltd, 5 Hay Croft, Hereford, HR1 1AU, UK. Registered in England & Wales 6562212
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